30 Army reservists heading to Afghanistan

30 Wisconsin Army reservists said goodbye to their families Sunday. They're heading over to Afghanistan for a year, where they'll help train the Afghan National Army.

The fight in Iraq may be coming to an end, but Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan is into its tenth year, and a group of Army reservists will head over to Afghanistan to help teach Afghans how to be military instructors, and help better establish the military in the country.

For Sergeant Bowers, it's his third deployment to Afghanistan. He says like most soldiers, leaving his family and not being there during those defining moments is a tough pill to swallow. Because of this deployment, Bowers will miss his son Christopher's high school graduation, but he says he knows he has an important job to do overseas. Christopher is taking after his dad, and plans to join the Army after he finishes high school. Christopher says he knows his dad is doing the right thing for our country, so he can't complain.

"Each deployment, I miss something. I'm happy that he's completed this phase of his life, and he's moving on to the next phase, but at the same time, I won't be there to see it, so it's kind of disappointing," Sergeant Bowers said.

The Army reservists will spend the next two months at Fort Polk in Louisiana training before they head overseas.