3-year-old boy fighting cancer receives hundreds of Christmas cards

SEATTLE -- A request for Christmas cards for a toddler fighting leukemia has gone viral with hundreds of people across the country sending some holiday cheer.

Tavish McCosh is a spunky 3-year-old from Ellensburg, Washington. He's been fighting leukemia for the last two months at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle.

Despite a grueling round of chemotherapy, Tavish's mom says he's always looking to have fun.

Tavish loves checking out the family mailbox, hoping one day someone will send him a card.

"Usually checks and it's empty, but it's still fun for him to look," Maren McCosh, Tavish's mom.

Last week, his mom put up a post on Facebook asking for anyone willing to send him a little note.

The post quickly went viral, resulting in hundreds of cards and boxes from across the nation arriving to Tavish.

"It's amazing. It's really really kind of all these people to take time out of their lives to send him some cards that really make his day," Tavish's mom said. "A little kid who just wants to see mail in his mailbox."

Tavish's family says they are incredibly grateful for the support and the reminder they aren't alone this holiday season.