3 beaches considered unsafe for swimming due to bacteria levels

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Beach-goers be warned - Lake Michigan may be considered a fresh water consortium, but that doesn't mean it's the cleanest swimming option. In fact, three beaches in the Milwaukee area are considered unsafe for swimming due to the discovery of high levels of E-coli in its water.

Among the beaches contaminated included Tietjen Beach, South Shore Atwater Beach and Bradford Beach.

At Tietjen Beach, Andrea Gaffney and her children were enjoying the sun on Friday, June 14th. She didn't even notice the advisory sign.

"I let them put their toes in, but no I won't let them go all the way in the water," Gaffney said.

Bradford Beach, a popular swimming destination in downtown Milwaukee, was not closed Friday - but a swimming advisory was enacted.

Paul Biedrzycki, Director of Disease Control and Environmental Health for the City of Milwaukee Health Department, said swimming in the bacteria-infected water could result in some unpleasant side effects for a patron. Inadvertently ingesting the water would make a person more prone to diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

As for the cause of the bacteria, Biedrzycki attributes the beach closures to the high rain totals and water runoff.

"You can have pesticides fertilizers, you have wild and domestic animal populations that again contribute to bacteria concentrations and runoffs," Biedrzycki said.

The advisory at Bradford Beach will most likely be rescinded by tomorrow. However, South Shore Atwater and Tietjen Beaches will most likely be closed Saturday, June 15th, due to the high bacteria levels.