3-17-12: Poached Eggs with Ham and Asparagus

Chef Feker joins FOX6 WakeUp to make a delicious breakfast dish that can be served around the clock. The flavors and texture of this dish will make your mouth water instantly!

Serves 4

• 4, 2-oz Canadian bacon steaks, steamed and grilled
• 4 eggs, poached (recipe available online at www.ilmito.com)
• 12 asparagus spears trimmed, blanched and grilled
• 4 oz of organic Arugula, trimmed and washed and spin-dried
• 4 lemon polenta cakes (recipe available online at www.ilmito.com)
• 4 oz of shallot and tarragon carbonara

1. Sear the polenta cakes on both sides to a crunchy texture (about 3 minutes per side).
2. Meanwhile, grill your asparagus and Canadian bacon steak.
3. When polenta cakes are ready, place them on a platter. Top each with grilled Canadian bacon steak then the arugula, poached egg and finally the asparagus.
4. Top with Carbonara sauce and serve with roasted potato and fresh berries as we do for Sunday Brunch at IL MITO.