2nd man charged after estimated $1,200 in damage done to 'Da Crusher' statue in South Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Charges were filed Thursday, Sept. 19 against a second man accused of vandalizing "Da Crusher" statue in South Milwaukee on Aug. 29. Online court records showed an arrest warrant was issued the next day for Douglas Macklin III, 21, of Pembine, Wisconsin.

Macklin III faces one misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property.

The same charge was filed Sept. 14 against James Dudgeon, 18, of South Milwaukee.

James Dudgeon, Douglas Macklin III

According to prosecutors, damage to the statue honoring professional wrestler Reginald Lisowski, just unveiled near 11th and Milwaukee Avenue in June, was estimated at $1,200, with scratches to the nose, right cheek, and upper right chest.

FOX6 News spoke with one of Da Crusher's daughters, hurt and angered by the crime.

"Horrible," said Sherri Brozoski, daughter. "I was so sad -- and that is my dad there. I want him to be held accountable for what he's done."

Prosecutors said family members who visit the statue regularly noticed the damage on Aug. 29 and reported that damage to the South Milwaukee Police Department. Surveillance video showed the men repeatedly striking the statue with a concrete block. Prosecutors said that video was instrumental in determining the time frame for the damage and helping police identify the people responsible.

Crusher statue vandalized

According to the criminal complaint, after viewing the surveillance video, officers immediately recognized Dudgeon from multiple prior encounters. The criminal complaint indicated on Sept. 12, officers spoke with Dudgeon. At that time, he admitted to using a landscaping brick to strike and damage the statue.

The complaint indicated Dudgeon told authorities that he and a group of friends were out walking around on Aug. 24. They were in the area of the statue when Dudgeon claimed the other guys in the group were talking about throwing a brick at the statue. According to the complaint, Dudgeon was the person who threw the brick at the statue, while Macklin III used a brick to further damage the statue. Prosecutors said Dudgeon identified Macklin III as one of those involved, and police found Macklin III wearing the same shirt he was wearing in the surveillance video in a photo posted on Facebook.

The complaint noted multiple prior police encounters with Macklin III as well.

According to prosecutors, Dudgeon told investigators he didn’t think the vandalism was a big deal at the time. He stated he did it to be cool. He apologized for his actions and stated he would pay for all the damage, according to the complaint.

The damage was repaired by Beth Sahagian, the South Milwaukee native who built the statue.

"If they weren't addressed, it would oxidize, and turn green, because it was scratched down to the metal," said Chris Smith. "It's going to take a lot more than a couple turkey necks hitting him with a brick to do any damage."

Dudgeon made his initial appearance in court on Sept. 14, where a $200 signature bond was set, and a pre-trial conference was scheduled for Sept. 25.

Da Crusher statue became reality through donations from hundreds of family and friends, and was unveiled on June 8 at Crusherfest. Smith, wrestling fan and city attorney for South Milwaukee, led the effort, with the support of the Lisowski family and countless other supporters and volunteers.