29 MPD detectives, 30 sergeants promoted during ceremony

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Police Department on Thursday, January 16th promoted 29 detectives and 30 sergeants during a special ceremony.

It was a ceremony that brought out family members and friends as they watched their loved ones officially move up the ranks of the police department -- 10 police officers, 29 detectives and 30 sergeants.

"It's really remarkable. We are making a significant down payment today in the future of the Milwaukee Police Department," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

The journey of each promotee who moved across the stage is significant. Each has a story to tell, and loved ones who played a role in it.

Sharell Edwards, now a sergeant, will have a different role to play.

"When it comes to our sergeants -- they are the first line of supervision. They're  the custodian of the health of this organization. They are the first supervisor at the scene of critical incidents," Chief Flynn said.

Sgt. Edwards' mother could not have been more proud.

"She's my daughter, and all the hard work and what she went through -- I'm just proud of her today. I'm blessed," Lenora Childs said.

With so many promotees moving into supervisory ranks, Chief Flynn called this a generational shift.

"It's like a sense of fullfilment to help people in the community, things like that -- so it makes me feel good and I like to help people," Sgt. Edwards said.