27-year-old woman drives drunk into traffic on Hwy. 45

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputies arrested 27-year-old Rachel Kuebbing, of East Troy, on March 29th for drunk driving, and driving the wrong way on US-45 near Hampton Ave.

Sheriff's officials say they received 911 calls about a driver swerving across several lanes on northbound US-45. Deputies say Kuebbing stopped her car on the freeway, and made a U-turn.

Deputies were eventually able to stop Kuebbing before she collided with on-coming traffic. She was arrested and taken to the patrol substation where she blew a .23 on the breathalyzer.

Kuebbing is charged with a first offense OWI and felony reckless endangering safety. She faces six to nine months of license revocation, and up to 10 years in prison on a felony charge.