26-year-old woman shot while inside home near 47th Street

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A home on 47th Street was shot up early Sunday morning, April 28th while neighbors said a group was inside playing cards.

It happened around midnight, and neighbors believe this shooting was not random.

“That’s what they usually do, play cards and sit around. They don’t mess with anybody. Ain’t nobody in that house bad people. It's sad. They shot the whole house up," neighbor Connie Bolds said.

Bolds was worried about her friend who fell victim to gunfire.

“I just called her this morning and she didn’t answer her phone," Bolds said.

The 26-year-old woman was taken to the hospital. Police said she was shot in the right foot when a barrage of bullets came flying into the home. After seeing all the casings, many said they are thankful no one else was hurt.

“They may have babies in here just as I have babies," Breed Williams said.

“I don’t think it’s random cause nobody gets shot up everyday around here," Bolds said.

Residents along with A.J. Boparan who works at the corner store next to the house, believe the gunfire erupted as some sort of retaliation after a fight Saturday afternoon.

“Physical yes, very. It was just two guys. They got into a huge fight and everyone gathered around.  I think that’s why the guy came back because they ran inside and one of the people came out and stopped the fight. Then some guy, I think he was friends with them, he shot bullets in the air," Boparan said.

Residents in the area are unsure of what sparked the argument or what the motive for the shooting was, but many feel all the violence is just senseless.

“It’s just stupid,” Boparan said.

"It’s sad. It's messed up," Williams said.

The woman who was shot was treated and released. Friends said the occupants don’t plan on returning back to that home anytime soon.  Police are still searching for the gunman.