24-year-old pregnant woman, arrested on multiple warrants after fleeing officers is charged

RACINE COUNTY -- Criminal charges have now been filed against a pregnant woman who was arrested on multiple warrants on December 23rd after she crashed into a fire hydrant while fleeing from police.

24-year-old Jeaniqua Brumby of Mount Pleasant faces eight charges:

    According to the criminal complaint, on December 23rd, officers were dispatched to a parking lot near Washington Avenue and S. Green Bay Road for someone who was locked out.

    While en route, officers learned Brumby had "several warrants" out of the Racine Police Department and Brumby was "very uncooperative" with the individual who took the 911 call for the lockout.

    Upon arrival at the scene, Brumby's vehicle had been opened already. According to the complaint, officers told Brumby that even though the door was now open, she did have some unpaid tickets that turned into warrants that needed to be taken care  of.

    Being that it was two days before Christmas, officers opted to give Brumby every opportunity to satisfy these warrants without going to jail. Officers advised her that she could make some phone calls to try to arrange for the money to be brought to the Racine County Jail so that she didn't have to spend Christmas in jail.

    Officers allowed Brumby to sit in her vehicle to make some phone calls because she was visibly pregnant.

    The complaint indicates Brumby made telephone calls for about five minutes, and then "out of nowhere," swiftly started her vehicle and put it into drive -- rapidly accelerating, and squealing her tires. An officer grabbed the vehicle's door and yelled "STOP" in an effort to get Brumby to stop. The officer's feet began to slide as Brumby began to drive away. Eventually, the officer let go of the car door and Brumby fled the scene.

    Two officers then got into their squads and followed.

    Eventually, an officer found Brumby's vehicle crashed into a curb. Brumby was not inside the vehicle.

    A witness pointed officers in the direction where Brumby had fled on foot.

    Brumby was eventually taken into custody.

    The complaint indicates Brumby was bleeding from her head, and she had blood on her hands when she was taken into custody.

    When Brumby was transported to jail, officials learned she had "several" open cases -- three in all.

    Brumby will be in court in this case on January 7th for a preliminary hearing.