23 years ago Saturday: O.J. Simpson’s slow-speed chase that captivated the nation

LOS ANGELES -- Twenty-three years ago Saturday, June 17th, Los Angeles came to a halt.

On June 17th, 1994, television networks and cable news channels aired two hours of non-stop coverage of perhaps the most famous car chase to have ever taken place on Los Angeles freeways: O.J. Simpson in a white Ford Bronco.

As more than a dozen California Highway Patrol units and Los Angeles police squad cars tailed the Bronco, onlookers cheered and waved from overpasses and ramps during the slow-speed chase. Some even pulled over and got out of their vehicles to wave from the roadside.

It was, as one entertainment lawyer put it, “the day Los Angeles stopped.”

Watch raw footage of the pursuit and trial of O.J. Simpson here, via KTLA.