23 people cited for underage drinking at Menomonee Falls Mexican restaurant

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Menomonee Falls police cited 23 people under the age of 21 for possessing/consuming alcohol at a Mexican restaurant in Menomonee Falls early Friday, May 31.

Police received a tip through social media that a large underage alcohol party was happening at Su Casa Grande restaurant located on Appleton Avenue. Officials say about 50 people between the ages of 16 and 22, were inside the building after the restaurant had closed for the night.

Officers identified party-goers that were of legal drinking age, those that were not, and those that had been consuming alcohol. Appropriate enforcement action was taken, police say.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation. Additional citations may be issued.

Menomonee Falls police said, "Spring is often a time of parties to celebrate warmer weather, graduations and other occasions. The MFPD would like to take this opportunity to remind young people as well as parents, of the legal and personal consequences that can result from drinking underage or sponsoring such behavior. The outcome is often citations being issued, arrests being made, an overdose, or traffic crashes causing damage, injury and death. What is not so often seen is the civil litigation to which much of this also leads."

Police continued, "the legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21. We encourage those who are old enough to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly and for those who are not, to not drink. Law enforcement will be doing its best to keep people safe by enforcing alcohol laws."

Fines in Menomonee Falls for alcohol violations:

Underage consumption / 16yoa and under $98.00 to $187.00 depending on prior violations, and a mandatory court appearance.

Underage consumption / 17 – 20yoa $187.00 to $854.80 depending on prior violations, and a mandatory court appearance.

Adult permitting consumption $691.00