21 years in prison for 2nd suspect in 4-day crime spree that included carjacking with baby in vehicle

Matthew Long

MILWAUKEE -- The second of two men accused in connection with a four-day crime spree was sentenced to prison Friday, May 10.

Matthew Long, 25, in February pleaded guilty to six felony charges:

    In court on Friday, Long was sentenced to serve a total of 21 years in prison and 12 years' extended supervision, with credit for 1,007 days' time served.

    A restitution hearing was scheduled for June 21.

    Avan Kittler

    His co-defendant, Avan Kittler, 20, of Milwaukee, pleaded guilty to seven felony charges back in late November of 2016:

      He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 10 years extended supervision in late January 2017.

      Below are more details as to the crimes Long and Kittler were accused of committing over a four-day period in May 2016:

      May 21, 2016

      According to the criminal complaint, the crime spree began very early on Saturday, May 21, 2016. That's when Long and Kittler are alleged to have stolen a pizza delivery driver's vehicle as he was making a delivery near 16th and Marshall. The delivery driver in this case ran "toward his car yelling, 'What you doing?'" The delivery driver noticed someone exit the vehicle and began running away. The deliver driver began chasing him -- and was nearly run over by a vehicle coming in the other direction. A person jumped out of that oncoming vehicle -- and "put his hands up in a fighting stance and (the delivery driver) stated he squared up and prepared to defend himself." The delivery driver then "believed two suspects were going to attack him so he turned and ran away." He "felt a blow to the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground." The driver told police the suspects "punched and kicked him in the head, his back and on his body." The suspects also went through the driver's pockets and grabbed money. The delivery driver "stayed balled up in the fetal position until he heard the cars driving away."

      The second incident in this crime spree happened late on May 21. A man was driving near 30th and Oklahoma just before midnight when he "was rear-ended from vehicle directly behind him." When the man got out of the car to assess the damage, the passenger in the other vehicle "had a gun in his hand and demanded his keys to his vehicle." The suspects got away with the victim's vehicle as well as possessions inside.

      May 22, 2016

      A couple of hours later, on May 22, a Shotspotter detection directed police to the neighborhood near 18th and North. A man told police "his vehicle was shot at numerous times after an incident involving a gray minivan and another vehicle.

      The victim indicated "the gray minivan swerved around him on his passenger side and struck the front passenger side of his vehicle." A second car "then swerved around him on the driver's side, passing him in the oncoming traffic lane." Both vehicles apparently came to a stop once they were ahead of the victim. The man told police he drove around both vehicles and parked to get out and assess the damage. A woman and three children were inside the minivan. They ignored the man's questions about whether they were okay. The woman in the minivan then got into the third car -- and "some unknown person then drove the gray minivan away."

      When the victim approached the third vehicle, he noticed the driver "reached down by the middle console in his vehicle and armed himself with a handgun." The victim told the driver, "No, this isn't worth it, forget about the accident, I'll leave." As the victim started walking back to his vehicle, a passenger in the car got out armed with a handgun and threatened the man. The complaint says "as he was running away, he heard numerous shots being fired." The victim managed to get someone to stop and help him -- but not before his car was riddled with bullet holes, inside and out.

      May 23, 2016

      On the morning of May 23, a woman was dropping her child off at Fairfield Elementary School. Her infant son was in the rear seat of the vehicle. The complaint said a vehicle struck the woman's car from behind. When the woman got out of her vehicle, two men exited the car and "pushed her forcefully out of the way and entered the driver's side of her vehicle." She pleaded not to take her car because her child was inside. But a suspect drove the vehicle away -- and a short time later, "removed the infant from the back seat, and place the car seat on the grass." At that point, the driver drove off.

      Suspects dump baby from vehicle after "bump and run" carjacking near 66th and Montana

      The mother in this case spoke anonymously with FOX6 News.

      "I actually grabbed onto the bar, the door handle, so I have a little bit of road rash," said the mother.

      Later on May 23, a man told police he was standing out in front of his home near 26th and Medford with three friends.  They saw a person come out of the gangway screaming, "You know what time it is!" At that point, the man indicated he "heard gunshots being fired, and felt himself get hit by one of the shots." The suspects fled the area. In all, three of the people in front of the home were wounded by the gunfire.

      26th and Medford

      May 24, 2016

      A man was walking in the alleyway near 27th and Lloyd. The complaint said he was approached by two people who exited a car. "Both actors pointed handguns at (the victim) and stated, 'Give me your stuff! Don't make me kill you! You think I playin'!'" The victim resisted verbally "and the second actor discharged a round from the gun into the ground." The first person struck the victim in the face. At that point, the victim laid down on the pavement -- and the suspects removed his jeans, Nike Air Jordan shoes and an MCM belt. The suspects then fled the scene.

      Investigators caught up to Long and Kittler later on May 24 -- and executed a warrant at a home near 39th and Wright. The criminal complaint said Kittler spoke to investigators about each of the above incidents.