2 students told Manitowoc police they brought gun, ammunition to school for "protection"

MANITOWOC -- Two students were taken into custody after Manitowoc Police say they brought a loaded gun and ammunition to school Tuesday, March 14th.

Police said a Wilson Junior High School resource officer received two tips from students that there was a gun in the school. School officials were then able to locate .22 caliber ammunition inside a student's backpack.

After further investigation, officials also found a loaded .22 caliber revolver inside a second student's backpack. The gun held six rounds -- it was fully loaded.

The gun and ammunition were seized by authorities.

Police said the students told authorities they were in a dispute with another group of students and brought the gun and ammunition to school for protection.

Officials said in a news conference on Tuesday evening that the students who provided the tip to the resource officer deserve kudos. They say the tip could have stopped a very tragic situation -- and that all students should always come forth with information of this kind.

The two juveniles will be locked up at a juvenile facility while this case proceeds. Each faces multiple charges in connection with this incident.