2 breweries, 1 new beer: City Lights and Third Space collaborate to create 'Urban Escape'

MILWAUKEE -- It is an authentic taste of Milwaukee -- and its creators guarantee you have never had it before. It is a new beer called "Urban Escape" -- and it is being offered for a limited time only.

"We are doing our ceremonial tapping of our collaboration beer between City Lights and Third Space," said Jimmy Gohsman of City Lights Brewing Co. "We had never collaborated on a beer before so we were all about doing this for the valley and making a special beer together."

This unique taste of Milwaukee will only be available during the Valley Week Festival.

Jimmy Gohsman

"With the valley being kind of an urban escape, we all found it fitting to name it the 'Urban Escape Lager,'" Gohsman said.

Inside the Third Space Brewery, a celebratory beer was made with ingredients unique to our area.

"It's a Pilsner-like lager that we brewed with wild rice, which is what the valley was known for historically," Gohsman said.

The crisp-tasting beer took about three to four months to develop -- and a lot of collaboration between Third Space Brewing and City Lights Brewing Co.

Urban Escape beer

"All proceeds are being donated to the non-profit Menomonee Valley partners to continue revitalizing the valley," said Michelle Kramer of the Menomonee Falley Partners.

Valley Week runs from Sept. 21 through Sept. 28. CLICK HERE to view a list of events for Valley Week.