19-year-old in trouble for allegedly trying to sell Rep. Party info.

MADISON -- A Wisconsin Republican Party volunteer is accused of trying to sell sensitive information to the state's Democratic Party, but the other side didn't go for it.

19-year-old Erik Turner is an open supporter of the Republican Party. His Facebook profile shows him with Scott Walker. His car is littered with pro-Walker stickers, and for a time, he volunteered at the Waukesha County Republican headquarters.

Now, Turner is under investigation by Milwaukee County's District Attorney for allegedly trying to sell access to a Republican Dropbox account. It all started when Democratic spokesperson Graeme Zielinski received an email with an offer to buy the information.

Court documents didn't specify whether the email was sent from Waukesha's Republican headquarters. However, they do say it was only one of four places that it was accessed.

A search warrant obtained by FOX6 News states Turner sent two separate messages soliciting a deal. Those documents show the first email sent on February 26th to info@wisdems.org says "I have the Republican Party of Wisconsin's Dropbox password, and account. I'm willing to sell it to you for a certain price. This is not a joke."

A second email was sent March 2nd directly to Zielinski. It contained a similar message but added: "This could be used to your advantage if you knew what to do with it."

FOX6 News tracked Turner down at his home, but he wouldn't acknowledge the situation, saying only "no comment."

Wisconsin's Republican Party would not go on camera, but released a statement saying: "The Republican Party of Wisconsin does not condone this type of behavior from anyone. As soon as we were made aware, we reported this incident to the proper authorities."

The state's Democratic Party is also being relatively tight lipped about the situation. At first a spokesperson had agreed to an interview, but later called back and said instead the party has no comment at this time.

The investigation is ongoing, however, at this point, charges have not been issued against Turner.