19 dogs from Oklahoma transferred to Milw. one day before storm

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A dramatic reunion between a woman and her dog after the tornado in Moore, OK on May 20th has gone viral -- and many are focused on not only helping the people who lost everything as a result of the EF-5 tornado, but also the animals affected -- including some from Wisconsin.

Ironically, 19 dogs from Moore, Oklahoma made their way to Milwaukee just one day before the tornado struck.

Brian Nowak and his wife adopted a dog named Jake on Wednesday at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Jake was delivered to the shelter from Oklahoma this weekend.

"He's kind of got a big head and he's got kinda doe eyes, so we were entranced at first sight, but once we heard where he was from, it really kinda hit home that -- hey, this is an opportunity for us to really help out," Nowak said.

"These animals, we transferred and helped evacuate even before there was a need to evacuate. We brought them here before the storm hit. Sort of a preemptive evacuation," Matt Witte with the Wisconsin Humane Society said.

The coincidence, according to Witte has cleared space for the large number of displaced animals that the Central Oklahoma Humane Society is now taking in.

It also helped Rebecca Pitkaranta, who adopted Rookie, another of the fortunate dogs who got out just one day before the storm.

"It could've ended up totally different, so I'm really glad that she made it. Now she's here and it's awesome," Pitkaranta said.

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society, of the 19 Oklahoman dogs, 10 have found new homes, seven are receiving treatment and three are immediately available.