18-year-old Kansasville man charged in sexual assault of young boy

KANSASVILLE -- 18-year-old Donald Wienke of Kansasville has been charged with first degree sexual assault of a child under age 12, and child enticement for allegedly sexually assaulting his father's girlfriend's nine-year-old son.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates Wienke's father reported the sexual assault to police, after Wienke's sister reportedly walked in on the sexual assault as it was occurring, and reported it to the adults in the home. 

The child reportedly told the adults: "Why did this happen to me?" "I feel like I'm in trouble" and "I didn't know what I was supposed to do," according to the criminal complaint.

When interviewed by police, Wienke admitted to the sexual assault and stated over and over again that he had "made a mistake." He told police his father had told him "he would get locked up for this."