18-year-old attempts armed robbery, is fatally shot by victim

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A teen is dead after a shooting in Milwaukee. He was killed shortly before midnight Saturday on North 23rd street.

Crime tape blocked off several areas of the intersection near 23rd and Keefe. Detectives collected evidence while, neighbors looked on in concern.  At sunrise balloons were erected in the very same location,  marking the spot of an unfortunate incident.  “It’s sad, you know another young kid dies,” said resident Charles Williams.

Police said an 18-year-old male was attempting to commit an armed robbery and he was shot and killed. The incident has sparked mixed emotions. Williams said, “It’s still a death to me, still somebody lost their life.” Homeowner Larry Chin added, “I think anybody has the right to defend themselves.”

Authorities said the person who shot the robbery suspect was cooperating with detectives. The thought of a potential robbery combined with shooting in the area is hitting folks pretty hard. “There was shooting, people are scared to come outside and stuff like that,” said Williams. Chinn added,” Like any homeowner I’m concerned and I’m checking on my tenants.”

Chinn is extremely disheartened and echoes the sentiment of many in the neighborhood, that sadly violence is occurring all too often, “It’s got to the point where it’s a common thing. It’s bad you feel sorry about it but it’s not nothing unusual.”

No other suspects are being sought. Police said the person who shot the armed suspect who was trying rob him is a Milwaukee man in his early 60s. His actions will be reviewed by the Milwaukee District Attorney's Office on Monday.

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