18-year-old accused of beating grandmother to death over hidden beer: "He does have some issues"

JACKSONVILLE, Florida -- Tracey Broughman says she's sticking with her 18-year-old son Dylan. He's charged, accused of beating his grandmother to death during an argument over beer.

"He's a very calm, sweet boy -- but he does have some issues and he needs help with those issues," Tracey Broughman said.

Police reports reveal Tracey Broughman has had similar issues with her mother.

Earlier this year, she was arrested and charged with battery following a fight with 69-year-old Joyce Courson.

Dylan Broughman was a witness in the police report, which says Tracey Broughman battered Courson -- leaving red bruising on both forearms.

The charges were dropped.

An aggravated battery charge was initially filed against Dylan Broughman. A murder charge was added after Courson's death.

The Florida Times-Union (http://bit.ly/2fmCmLO ) reports the argument started October 10th after Courson hid her grandson's beer while he was showering. A witness told investigators he heard the woman screaming and found her body on the floor as Broughman left the house.

Police say the woman was taken to the hospital. She told police her grandson shoved her to the ground, punched her face and kicked her because she had hidden his beer. She died a week later.


"He lived in depravity," Evelyn Stepka said.

Stepka, Dylan Broughman's paternal grandmother said his mother's criminal history, which includes drug use and prostitution was the reason for the teen's current situation.


"When you have a crackhead mother coming and going, being arrested every other month, how do they expect this kid to grow up normal?" Stepka said.