17-year-old girl punches shark to escape attack

DESTIN, Fla. -- A 17-year-old Kentucky teenager says she punched a shark in the nose after it bit her Sunday afternoon at a beach in Destin, Florida.

Caitlyn Taylor was in Florida with her high school softball team when the attack happened, according to WHAS.

Witnesses say a five-foot shark bit the teen while she was in waist-deep water.

Emergency personnel said Caitlyn had wounds on her left leg and puncture wounds on her right leg near the knee.

Beachgoers said they knew something was very wrong when helicopters were circling the area.

"Circling and circling, and then the second one came and then it was circling. And then it would go low," witness Kelley Fogg said. "I was like - somebody - they need to get out of the water."

The type of shark that attacked her is still undetermined.