15 charges for 27-year-old Milwaukee woman after serious hit-and-run crash in Racine

RACINE COUNTY -- A 27-year-old Milwaukee woman is facing a number of charges -- accused of running a red light and causing a serious crash in Racine on Sunday, September 6th -- and then fleeing the scene. Nine people were injured in the crash.

Araceli Espino-Ramirez

The accused is Araceli Espino-Ramirez. She faces a total of 15 charges, including:

    On Sunday night, shortly before midnight, Racine police responded to a hit-and-run incident on South Memorial Drive at 16th Street.

    Witnesses indicated a pickup truck had gone through a red light at 16th Street -- striking another vehicle.

    The complaint indicates witnesses advised there were three people in the striking vehicle.

    There were six people in the vehicle that was hit -- and one of them had to be taken via Flight for Life to Children's Hospital.

    The complaint says one of Espino-Ramirez's passengers hit their head on the windshield during the crash, and skin was left embedded in the windshield.

    One of Espino-Ramirez's passengers told officials he drove the pickup truck to Racine with Espino-Ramirez, and went to his sister's home, where he drank approximately five beers. The complaint indicates this man told investigators Espino-Ramirez had approximately six to seven beers. The man says another person met them at his sister's home, and the group of three left the home.

    The man told investigators Espino-Ramirez wouldn't let him drive the truck, according to the complaint.

    The man said as they were approaching the red traffic light at 16th Street, he advised Espino-Ramirez that there was a red light, but said she accelerated more and ran the light -- colliding with the other vehicle. The man estimated the pickup truck's speed to be around 45 miles-per-hour prior to the crash.

    This man was injured in the crash -- suffering a broken vertebrae among other injuries, according to the complaint.

    Police say Espino-Ramirez ran from the vehicle following the crash, but she was later taken into custody. The complaint indicates she had to be "decentralized to the ground" in order to prevent her from continuing to flee.

    The complaint indicated the passenger in the vehicle that was hit who was flighted to Children's Hospital was in the ICU due to concerns about a brain bleed and broken left arm, and the fact that this patient suffered a medical incident on the helicopter ride to Children's Hospital.

    Espino-Ramirez admitted to driving the pickup truck, and further admitted she didn't have a drivers' license, officials say.