14-year-old suspect attacks, robs woman, witness steps in

GLENDALE -- A woman was attacked and robbed on the street in Glendale, and police say the accused thief is only 14 years old. Police were able to make an arrest in the case with some help from a witness who decided to step in.

The witness told FOX6 News Glendale police acted quickly and ultimately, made the arrest. The man says drivers were passing by as the incident occurred on Easter Sunday near Port Washington and Hampton roads, and many didn't pay attention.

Samih Omari told FOX6 News he noticed a woman and her young son being attacked.

The victim moved to the United States this past fall, and was working to become familiar with Glendale and the English language. The woman spoke with FOX6 News Tuesday, but didn't want to be identified. "I see his face, and he was a kid," the victim said of the accused thief.

Omari and the victim told FOX6 News the suspect was fighting the victim for her purse, striking her on her face. "I had a headache all night," the woman told FOX6 News.

Omari stopped to talk with the woman and her son. "The kid was saying he was trying to protect his mom, but he couldn't. That's why I followed (the suspect), because I was very angry and I was moved by the little son," Omari said.

Omari drove after the attacker and one of his friends, and called 911. "It's something I had to do, and would do again," Omari said.

Omari was able to flag down a squad car, and soon after, police found the suspect and the victim's purse.

In the police report, the 14-year-old suspect denies punching the victim, and describes the theft as accidental. The suspect is accused of robbery, and resisting a police officer. His case is now in the juvenile justice system.