13-year-old girl, her parents get to take part in pottery lesson with Scooter Gennett

MILWAUKEE -- Baseball players find many ways to kill time, whether on the road, waiting to come to Miller Park for a game or between workouts in the off-season. And while everyone finds ways to stay occupied, Scooter Gennett has a hobby that perhaps no other MLB player can claim: Spinning pottery.

Scooter loves to share his interests, and on Tuesday, July 7th, Kim and Brian Briesemeister had the chance to “spin with Scooter" after the pair won an exclusive pottery lesson with the Brewers second baseman.

Earlier this year as part of Major League Baseball and the Brewers efforts to help raise money for LUNGevity, the team placed several different experiences up for auction.  Along with a chance to own a game-used sweater and spend some time with team’s legendary announcer Bob Uecker, the Brewers also placed a pottery experience with Scooter Gennett up for bids.

LUNGevity is an organization that helps educate and raise awareness for lung cancer. The charity has funded 110 research projects at 57 institutions in 23 states. Their research investments focus on early detection, noting that survival rates rise when cancer is detected while still localized.  LUNGevity also provides a community of empowerment, support, and hope for everyone affected by lung cancer through extensive educational resources, online peer-to-peer support and in-person survivorship programs.

Kim and Brian Briesemeister won the auction for their daughter, Rebecca.  The 13-year-old Rebecca is a huge Scooter Gennett fan and took part in the pottery lesson with her parents.

Knowing Scooter was their daughter's favorite player, the couple decided to surprise her on Christmas Day.

"There was a picture of Scooter inside the shoebox with like, a shirt -- and then like, the e-mail that they got confirming that they won the thing," Rebecca Briesemeister said.

"Not only spending time with her and her family and kinda making a good Christmas gift come true, it was a lot of fun. For me, whenever I get to do pottery, I always have a good time," Gennett said.

Briesemeister says she's glad to have the lesson before she takes part in her first pottery class at school this year.

Scooter Gennett