12th Day of Christmas bonfire comes back to Pleasant Prairie for 1st time since 1993

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- Officials brought back an old tradition in Pleasant Prairie Monday, Jan. 6 -- building a large bonfire out of Christmas trees.

Village officials collected the old trees and wreaths from several drop-off locations, piling them up on the RecPlex Wruck (Beach) Pavilion for the bonfire -- celebrating the 12th Day of Christmas, which started on Christmas Day.

This was the first time the event was held since 1993 -- organized by village officials and the Pleasant Prairie Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"History tells us that traditions bring meaning to our celebrations, especially to our New Year's celebration," said Jean Werbie-Harris, community development director. "Traditions are memories and something to look forward to -- a way to be closer to our neighbors and friends."

Everyone in attendance joined in singing Christmas carols and sharing leftover Christmas treats and cocoa.