12-year-old boy struck by vehicle while crossing street on his bike

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a serious motor vehicle crash that happened around 7:30 a.m. on June 12 at the intersection of N. 43rd Street and W. Good Hope Road.

Police and a witness say the child was going north on 43rd and rode into the intersection against a red light while trying to cross Good Hope Road. That's when a car slammed into the child, who was critically hurt.

Jerry Turriff says he was in the office of his repair shop near the intersection at the time of the accident.

"Just hear a big thud, like two cars collided so I run out and see that Cadillac there stopping and I wasn't sure why because I didn't notice any other car -- then I noticed a kid laying in the road," said Turriff.

Milwaukee police say a 43-year-old woman was driving the Cadillac west on Good Hope Road and had a green light when the 12-year-old boy rode through the intersection and in front of the oncoming sedan.

"She gets out of the car right away and goes to him. Then another gentleman making a right right from Sherman to Good Hope pulls over and assists," said Turriff.

Wheel and Sprocket is a ten minute drive the from the accident scene. Amelia Kagel offers bike safety lessons and says, when it comes to crossing busy streets like Good Hope Road, somethings the best way to ride across...is to not ride across.

"Sometimes it's hard to actually get off our bike when we're at a busy intersection because we feel like we should just stay on there but sometimes it's best practice to just move yourself into the crosswalk, go press the button and wait for the walk signal to come and actually walk your bike across busy intersections," said Amelia Kagel, Wheel and Sprocket Marketing Manager.

In addition to obeying traffic laws, Kagel also suggests riders use reflective lights, even during the day.

"You can get a red flashing light that'll make it visible even from a mile away," Kagel said.

While police have since cleared the scene, the sound of the impact sticks with Turriff.

"It was pretty loud, I was amazed to find out that it was a kid on a bike that got hit from the sound," said Turriff.

The other bike safety tip is always wear a helmet. Police say the child in the accident was not.

The 12-year-old boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries.