12 infected with E. coli, may have originated at Jimmy John's

WISCONSIN -- The Centers for Disease Control says 12 people from five states have been infected with E. coli, including one case in Wisconsin. The CDC says preliminary results of their investigation links the E. coli to eating raw clover sprouts at Jimmy John's restaurants.

An official with the local Jimmy John's office tells FOX6 News, all clover sprouts have been pulled from their restaurants until further notice.

CLICK HERE to see the press release from the CDC.

Five people in Iowa, three people in Missouri, two people in Kansas and one person in Arkansas have been infected with E. coli, in addition to the Wisconsin case.

The CDC says illness onset dates range from December 25th to January 15th.

The CDC says those infected range in age from nine to 49 years of age, and all of those ill are females. Of the 12 people infected, two have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.

The CDC says 10 of those ill reported eating at nine different Jimmy John's restaurants in four states in the week before becoming ill. Eight of those reported eating a sandwich with sprouts, and nine reported eating a sandwich with lettuce.