10 kilos of fentanyl, worth an estimated $13 million, seized during traffic stop in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee -- About $13 million worth of the drug fentanyl was seized in a traffic stop in Nashville on Tuesday afternoon, April 4th.

It happened on Interstate 40 in Decatur County. Richardo Gomez Jr., 26, and Kristian Torres, 22, were arrested.

During the traffic stop, a Drug Task Force agent allegedly discovered 10 kilos of fentanyl. Officials said this was one of the largest busts of the drug in the history of Tennessee.

According to the DEA, one kilo of fentanyl can produce between 16 and 24 kilos of other derivative drugs. A person can die from breathing it in or touching it, and it will seep in through a person's skin. Clean-up requires a hazmat crew.

District Attorney General Matthew Stowe said fentanyl presents a major hazard to officers who stumble upon it.

"That thing on TV where the officer dips their finger into the cocaine and put it on their lips, that would kill you if you did it with fentanyl," Stowe said.

Stowe said he could not be prouder of his officers, especially at a time when the legislature is considering cutting funding to drug task forces.

"We just took off the street enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in West Tennessee, and quite possibly all the dogs and cats for good measure," Stowe said.