YOUth EmpowHERment Day: African American women business leaders mentor new generation

MILWAUKEE -- Inspiring young women to become the best version of themselves-- and in turn-- shaping communities for the better. Strong African American women business leaders are preparing to mentor a new generation with next week's YOUth EmpowHERment Day. Rubie Mizell talks about the upcoming event.

About YOUth EmpowHERment Day

They say when a generation fails, PART of the reason is because of the generation that preceded it. I refuse to allow my generation to fail the next generation. Many young African American women in Milwaukee, WI are a product of abuse, molestation, rape, drugs, violence, prostitution, human trafficking and welfare. Sadly, it is starting to become a domino effect. A lot of the young women are lost and do not have the proper guidance or mentors in their life, so they adapt to their surroundings.

YOUth EmpowHERment Day, is a day where strong African American women business leaders come together with young women and empower them with the knowledge and inspiration they need to become the best version of themselves, which also helps us become a better community. The panelist will share their story with the youth to inspire them and show them, you can overcome whatever challenges you are going through. We want these young women to know they have a purpose and we will be here to guide them to a successful future. My goal is every year we create more positive relationships of mentors/mentees. In hopes that those who have joined us in previous years, on this day, are now at a point in their life where they can now be a mentor to the next generation and say I DID IT! I was empowered!

The event will be held at Milwaukee City Hall from 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Saturday May 12, 2018.