What are the steps to a successful self-tan? Tips, tricks on how to use them at home

MILWAUKEE -- Does all the extra time indoors have you looking a little washed out? Danielle Headley joins FOX6 WakeUp with some of the best self-tanners you can try at home and tips on how to use them.


1. What are the steps to a successful self-tan? Cleanse, exfoliate (make sure no added oils/lotion remaining), apply, wait, rinse if needed or allow to fully dry.

2. How is self-tanner best applied? A mitt, with gloves or a sponge/blender; streaks come from not enough product/uneven application, not too much.

***Note: The level of DHA (aka dihydroxyacetone, aka the chemical that reacts with your skin to create a fake tan) is responsible for how dark you'll get, not the amount you put on - to get the most even tan possible, use a mitt to fully saturate your skin in large, upward strokes.

3. What are the best self-tanners? *just say no to orange!* In my opinion; Budget Buy-Jergens Natural Glow or Sol Mousse ($8), All Around/Easy Use Trusted Line-St. Tropez products (mousse, lotion, face spritz, etc - $25-45), Face-Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta glow pad ($35-45), Mitt/Tanner Duo-tarte brilliance plus ($40), All Natural - Beauty by Earth ($30-35)