Walnut Way provides weekly health and wellness classes and programs

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Walnut Way Conservation Corp. to take part in a few of their health and wellness programs --including Massage, Yoga, Exercise, Reiki, and Dance Classes.  Most classes are pay what you can.

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. (website)

Health and Wellness Programs

 1. Wellness Appointments & Classes

  • Walnut Way provides weekly health and wellness classes and programs including Massage, Yoga, Exercise, Reiki, and Dance Classes. Most classes are pay what you can. Visit our events calendar for up to date listings at www.walnutway.org/events. Contact Tyler Weber for more information: tyler@walnutway.org.

2. Men's Wellness Network

  • Men from Lindsay Heights and nearby meet regularly to strengthen the social network of African American fathers and men. All activities are at no cost. We are looking for committed men to join this powerful fellowship circle. Sign up to be considered for a spot in this real movement that is championed for men by men! The group offers a a chance to: share and gain knowledge; share a meal with brother neighbors; attend regular group outings; resources; leadership opportunities. Contact Terron Edwards for more information on how to join and meeting times: tedwards@walnutway.org.

3. The Healing Circle 

  • The Healing Circle is a safe space for women to gain skills in self-care. The program uses mediation, relaxation, breathing techniques, essential oils, integrative medicine, energy balance, movement, and more to face life's challenges. The Healing Circle sessions are a wonderful opportunity to advance your practice of self love and growth in a growing community of supportive women. Come learn with us as we do the continued work of living our best lives. The Healing Circle meets every Friday evening for a 6 week period. Contact Angela Smith for more information on meeting dates and registration: amsmith@walnutway.org.