This local company is responsible for supplying curved steel that gives Fiserv Forum its look

MILWAUKEE -- Did you know a local company is responsible for supplying the curved steel that gives Fiserv Forum its unique look? Max Weiss Company has been around for more than 70 years and actually started as a small blacksmith shop. Brian Kramp spent the morning getting a behind-the-scenes look at production.

About Max Weiss Company (website)

Our skilled craftsmen perform all types of metal bending, fabricated to your precise needs. We employ several pieces of proprietary equipment that bend to the tightest radii in the market. All our bending delivers exceptional quality, with astonishingly minimal distortion or marring.

Our industrial steel rolling and forming services use the same approach: perfect circles with taut radii, formed to meet your schedule and exceed your expectations.

When welding, drilling or band sawing is involved, our experienced team gets it done … a value-add so you don’t have to waste time finding yet another vendor.

We’ll procure the materials for our work, too. We understand if your time is better spent on things other than chasing down suppliers.

You see, there’s no need to go elsewhere. Max Weiss Company will meet all your metal bending, rolling and forming, and fabrication needs accurately, on time and competitively priced. We meet your schedule because we know how valuable your time is.