The Grassroots Salad Company offers 'healthy and tasty made-to-order salads and wraps'

MILWAUKEE -- There's a new place to grab lunch in downtown Milwaukee. FOX6's Kasey Chronis joins FOX6 WakeUp from the Grassroots Salad Company in the Chase Tower.

About the Grassroots Salad Company (website)

Grassroots Salad Company provides healthy and tasty made-to-order salads and wraps for people on the go. Our ingredients are fresh, all natural and sourced locally when possible and our dressings are made in house so we can control what goes into each one of them. And we put all your favorite ingredients together right in front of your eyes, fast and with a smile.

Our Environment
From our store design to our packaging and many aspects of our brand in-between, we pride ourselves on helping keep our planet green!
Design: Most of the wood at our stores is reclaimed wood and the countertops are made of recycled paper.
Packaging: Our salads and wraps are served in compostable bowls, derived from plants grown in the USA and our plasticware is biodegradable.
Chemical-Free: We thoroughly wash all of our ingredients in natural and Eco-friendly products.
Our stores use all LED lighting and no ranges to help decrease our footprint.