The GEE Funny Farm encourages love, respect, and safety between people and animals

MUKWONAGO -- GEE Funny Farm is a family run farm that aims to give visitors a great educational experience. Visitors to the farm learn all about the animals that live there, from goats and geese to horses and even emus.

About GEE Funny Farm (website)

At GEE Funny Farm, we believe participants become animal trainers – any time people have contact with animals they are ‘training’ it to believe that people are caring and fun to be around, or that people are scary and best to be avoided. The GEE Funny Farm set-up encourages love, respect, and safety between participants and animals.

Our animals are like family members. Many have been with us for a long time, some are from rescues or humane societies. They have met many people and they LOVE meeting animal lovers.