Stella and Chewy 'believe raw is the pinnacle of animal nutrition'

OAK CREEK -- Stella and Chewy's is known for meals and treats for dogs and cats -- and it's made in Oak Creek. Brian Kramp spent the morning getting a behind the scenes look at this local business whose products are sold all over the U.S.

About Stella and Chewy's (website)

16 years ago…our founder, Marie Moody, inspired by her own dog’s speedy recovery on a raw diet, launched Stella & Chewy’s. Our diets and offerings have expanded but we have always been focused on delivering best-in-class nutrition!

Since our own Stella and Chewy were introduced to a raw diet and thrived, we have been focused on making the power of raw nutrition more palatable and more convenient for pets and pet parents everywhere.

As a company, we do believe raw is the pinnacle of animal nutrition and that any amount of raw in a dog’s diet will have a meaningful and positive impact. We have begun to responsibly expand our brand beyond our raw to make our products more available, yet always delivering best-in-class nutrition that will allow pets to thrive!

We are proud to provide a wide line-up of offerings that are unique and special – always using pristine ingredients that are thoughtfully and responsibly sourced which deliver best-in-class nutrition and palatability.