Paddle Tavern: It's the first human-powered cycle party boat in Milwaukee!

MILWAUKEE -- Kramp spent the morning aboard the Paddle Tavern. It's the first human-powered cycle party boat in Milwaukee. It can fit up to 14 people and is BOYB. You spend two hours cruising along the bars of the Milwaukee River.

About the Paddle Tavern (website)

How many people can fit on the boat?

 We can fit up to 14 people on a boat, need more, we have two boats, call us to book two boats, 414-241-4394, need even more room, we can fit up to 96 on our Pedal Tavern (bike pub crawl) tours, same phone number can help reserve boats or bikes.

Where do we Launch? How long are the tours?

Our standard tour is 100 minutes long. We start and end the trips from the docks behind the Harp, 113 E Juneau Ave. We do allow for customization to length of tour, and custom drop off on non peak days.

Alcohol / Food / Cooler Policy.

Bring Your Own Beer!! We have 4 built in bar coolers with ice to cool your drinks down. Food is welcome too, the general rule of food is what can you eat one handed without a napkin or utensil (pretzels, sandwiches= awesome; birthday cake = horribly messy.