Milwaukee Pretzel Company creates signature pretzel to celebrate Brewers' postseason run

MILWAUKEE -- The excitement surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers' postseason run is taking over the city. Businesses are showing their support and for some, that means making a whole lot of dough! Kasey Chronis spent Monday, Oct. 15 at the Milwaukee Pretzel Company where they've knocked one particular pretzel design out of the park!

The Brew Crew logo pretzels are just for fun, and to show support for the Brewers -- they are not for sale.

About Milwaukee Pretzel Company (website)

The idea to start the Milwaukee Pretzel Company came to us while spending a year living in Munich, Germany. The soft pretzel (or "bretzel" in German) is as much a part of the Bavarian culture as beer and sausage. It's everywhere. People eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and as that much-needed source of nourishment after a night of drinking "Weiss bier." It's an iconic part of their identity. And we fell in love with them.

Unlike their American counterpart, Bavarian pretzels pack a denser, chewier inside and a darker, crispier outside. And there's a certain "tang" to the Bavarian-style pretzel that sets it apart from other soft pretzels. But best of all, it doesn't need to be dipped in cheese or drenched in butter to taste delicious! We even suggest eating them at room temperature - just like the Germans do. (Of course, the true German way would be with a dash of mustard and a nice, cold Weiss beer!)

Having lived in a town with German roots like Milwaukee, we knew that people back home would fall in love with these pretzels in the same way that we did. So we set out to bring our favorite German treat to America. Now that we have perfected the recipe, we're on a mission to bring these authentic Bavarian-style pretzels to establishments throughout Milwaukee -- and beyond.

Taste the difference. Say good-bye to soft pretzels as you know them and grab yourself a Bavarian-style "bretzel" from the Milwaukee Pretzel Company.