Milwaukee Baseball Academy aims to provide players with an outstanding experience

MILWAUKEE -- Thursday, February 25th is the first day of practice and training for the Brewers, so chip is at the Milwaukee Baseball Academy to do a little spring training of his own.

Milwaukee Baseball Academy's indoor facility has 15,000 square feet of floor space, allowing ample space for:

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    Founded in 2013, Milwaukee Baseball Academy aims to provide players from age 4 to 18 years old with an outstanding baseball and softball experience and excellent instruction in a top-notch indoor facility.  Our primary goal is to enable every student to reach his/her full potential as a player and athlete.  In the process of doing so, Milwaukee Baseball Academy will help further each player’s understanding and love for the game while developing their own playing ability to its fullest.  As a result, all players will see an improvement in their on-the-field skills today, while preparing themselves for tomorrow’s next level of  elite competition.  Some players will open doors to college scholarships and professional signings.  All players will learn about the connection of hard work, dedication, passion, skill development, and learning to self-confidence, achievement, accomplishment, and results.