Made in Milwaukee: Husband and wife duo specialize in some very impressive art

MILWAUKEE -- Made right here in Milwaukee, a husband and wife artist duo specializes in some very impressive styles and techniques. Carl is introducing use to both of them at their studio right off Brady Street.

About Jesse Meyer Sculpture Studio (website)

I have always had a profound desire to be creative and to hone my skills, furthering my ability to express  a creative thought.  The pursuit of perfecting a repertoire of skills is a significant and driving force behind why I create.  I feel that perfecting ones ability to control any given medium better equips an artist to develop a creative thought into its fullest potential.   I have spent the past twelve years honing such skills in my work as the co-founder of the Milwaukee based design-build firm, Flux Design.

I founded Flux Design with my good friend and fellow Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) alumni, Jeremy Shamrowicz.  Together, with the many talented people that have worked with us, we have created something I have learned a great deal from and am very proud of.   In building my knowledge and experience, Flux has been the vehicle that has delivered me to were I am today. Now, with great enthusiasm and confidence, I find myself in a unique position to pursue a creative journey as an independent fine artist and sculptor.  For the foreseeable future I plan to continue my involvement in mutually beneficial projects at  Flux Design,  I will pass on what I have learned, utilize the space I've helped to create, and enjoy the comradery of my Flux family.  I'm  also fully participating in the television show Made In Milwaukee, which airs on the DIY  Network and follows the Flux crew as we uniquely renovate  spaces in  Milwaukee area homes.   It's lots of fun...tune in!