Looking to jump start your work week? Juiced! is made from 100% fruits and vegetables

MILWAUKEE -- Looking to jump start your work week? Kasey spent the morning doing just that with the folks of Juiced! Cold-Pressed Juicery in Milwaukee.

About Juiced! (website)

At Juiced! we revere the amazing power contained in fruits and vegetables. The energy. The nutrients. The revitalizing kick. The natural healing. The armor. We are in awe of this fuel that aids in vision, immunity and recovery. To make Juiced!, we naturally squeeze the best inventions Mother Nature ever made until they share their liquid treasures with the world. We never heat that natural nectar. We simply blend the best juices in new and novel ways to create super-tasting super juices. It’s a healthy obsession. And you can taste it in every bottle of juice we have ever made.

When we say all natural, we actually mean “all nature,” because every Juiced! is made from 100% fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed in small batches to maintain all the delicious raw juice nutrients. No preservatives, no additives, because really, there’s no need. Our power-packed juice naturally infuses into the bloodstream to provide an instant burst of energy, with phytonutrients and antioxidants that help your body stay at its best. They’ll help your body solve digestive issues, and protect itself against things like cancer and many degenerative diseases.

That’s because Juiced! is cold-pressed, so you don’t miss out on the benefits of live enzymes like you would with other processes – like heated pasteurization. And since it’s all made using fresh, local produce whenever it’s in season, you’re also enjoying a variety of fruits and veggies you might otherwise miss. So the only thing we add? A little bit of handcrafted love and care.