Looking to get fit? Getting Tire'D is a boot camp style workout

WAUWATOSA -- Chip spent the morning getting in a good workout at Getting Tire'D Fitness in Wauwatosa. Getting Tire'D is a boot camp style workout.

What is "Getting Tire'D?" (website) 

Getting Tire'D Is a Boot Camp Style workout that takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is organized by Certified Personal Trainer (A.C.E) TrueMan McGee. Getting Tire'D ultimately gets it's name from being "tired" of making excuses in your life why your not achieving your goals.. Also we work with tires!

​​ But also "Getting Tire'D" can be a way of life! It's a demeanor, and even a warrior cry! You can be "Getting Tire'D" of being overweight, stressed out, eating unhealthy, taking medications, being unhappy.. and the list goes on!

Not so long ago, I was "Tire'D" of some of my bad habits and I decided to do something about it! I used my knowledge of fitness from coaching and did tons of research on what is "really" healthy and what is not. I have lost over 70 pounds to date. Learning about health and fitness is a lifelong adventure and I want to help YOU reach whatever goals you want to accomplish!!