Looking for a Father's Day gift? How about making your own beer or wine?

MILWAUKEE -- With Father's Day this weekend, here's a gift idea for dads that keeps on giving. If they like beer or wine, how about making their own. Carl is giving it a try at Northern Brewer.

About Northern Brewer (website) 

When founder Chris Farley first opened the doors of a small St. Paul homebrew shop in 1993, life was different. Phones had cords. Wine coolers were cool. And craft beer wasn’t even born yet.

But none of that really mattered. At Northern Brewer, we started out with just one mission: To help our fellow homebrewers make great beer.

Even though times have changed, our mission hasn’t. And because of that, we’ve grown from that tiny storefront to become the #1 homebrewing and winemaking supplier in America.

What We Do.
As brewers, we’re always working to improve the next batch. And because Northern Brewer was built by homebrewers, for homebrewers, that same passion fuels everything we do:

It’s what drives us to offer the very best in homebrewing. Fast Delivery & Free Shipping for all Orders Over $30, and the highest-quality ingredients on the planet. It’s what we’d want, and we won’t settle for anything less for you.