Looking for a different way to burn calories? Check out CORE Fitness

Looking for ways to burn off all the calories you will be in-taking during Thanksgiving? CORE Fitness offers a different way to burn calories. According to their website, CORE Fitness specializes in strengthening the body from within. CORE offers a variety of classes that are based on the "muscle confusion" principle. (Using a variety of sets, repetitions, exercises, volume, rest periods, and other elements to help boost intensity levels. The main goal of this principle is to keep the body and muscles from adapting to exercise stimuli.

By frequently changing a training routine, the muscles avoid exercise adaptation and become "confused".) Each class will have a new twist and new set of exercises so the body never knows what to expect. The creation of muscle confusion will allow your body to continually burn calories long after your session and will always challenge you. There is no need to "be fit" to attend our classes, as each is designed for all levels of fitness.  Click here to learn more.