Learn to weave at ABK Weaving Center located on the lower level of Frederick J. Gaenslen School

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at ABK Weaving Center learning how to weave. The ABK Weaving Center is a fully-equipped weaving studio.

About The ABK Weaving Center (website)

The ABK Weaving Center is located on the lower level of the Frederick J. Gaenslen School and is accessible by both elevator and stairs.  We are a fully-equipped weaving studio run almost totally by a staff of volunteers, many of whom are from the Wisconsin Handweavers’ organization.  In addition to classes, the Center has developed and participated in outreach programs at Gaenslen School, as well as other schools in the area.  You will find our volunteers out at the Wisconsin State Fair, as well as demonstrating and educating the public at cultural programs around the Milwaukee community.  Other programs include exhibitions and sales at various venues in the area as well as fiber arts displays.