Learn about the art, science and entertainment behind tap dancing

MILWAUKEE -- Kasey spent the morning learning about the art, science, and entertainment behind tap dancing from the Danceworks Studio.

About Danceworks On Tap (website)

Danceworks On Tap (DOT) is a collective of dancers dedicated to sustaining tap dance as a recognized art form. Through education, performance and by making tap dance accessible to the community, DOT hopes to contribute to the preservation of this truly American dance form.

Danceworks On Tap was founded in 2000 by Amy Brinkman-Sustache and Patrick Kendall. Since then, the goal has been to sustain tap dance as a recognized art form through presentations, performances and community outreach events.

Amy Brinkman-Sustache (Artistic Director) founded Danceworks On Tap in 2000 and is currently the Education Director for Danceworks where she is also on the teaching faculty. Tap has always been Amy’s “thing”.  She has had the privilege to study and take class with amazing tap dancers like Tommy Sutton, Donna Peckett, Bruce Bristol, Reggio “the hoofer” McLaughlin,  Maurice Hines and Jason Samuels Smith. In addition to teaching at Danceworks, Amy also serves on the ad hoc dance faculties at Marquette University and UW-Milwaukee and is the lead tap teacher for Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program. Amy is also a frequent teacher for Dance Masters of Wisconsin and the National Association for Dance and Affiliated Arts (NADAA).