Jo-Don Farms is a small family farm in Franksville that has everything from Kangaroos to Cockatoos

FRANKSVILLE --  Jo-Don Farms is a small family farm in Franksville that has everything from Kangaroos to Cockatoos. Brian is there experiencing what has made this small zoo a must stop for more than 40 years.

About Jo-Don Farms (website)

Founded by Don Meyer in 1975, Jo-Don Farms is celebrating its 43nd anniversary this year, and after several decades of hard work, we are proud to be standing where we are. Bob continues his role at Jo-Don Farms to date as president and co-owner of the company, and with the loving help of his stepmother Joan, his daughter Alex has started taking on a more prominent role in carrying the business forward.

The company’s longstanding status as a privately-funded zoo allows Jo-Don Farms to accept animals from rescues or police confiscations more readily than a public zoo, but it also means that Jo-Don Farms receives no state or federal funding towards its efforts. Instead, it relies on public support through patronage at our events, and on a team of hard-working employees who have dedicated themselves to the welfare of animals.

Our off-site work continues to connect people from all over the country, with animals from all over the world, year-round. From camel rides at convention centers in Los Angeles, to exotic animal displays at universities in New York, these exhibits keep our animals fed and warm through the winter months.

Finally, The Zoo at Jo-Don Farms continues to grow and enhance its family friendly experience with each season. This summer, all of the entertainment from previous years continues, and we have taken guests comments into consideration to provide improved encounters from one visit to the next. Our various feeding options, including buckets with produce, remain, and our pony ride area has been upgraded for more riding fun. With educational programs on-site and featured camel rides throughout the season, we plan to make this year at The Zoo the best one yet! Our animals at Jo-Don Farms are as much a part of our family as the people we work alongside. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you pay us a visit this season. To quote Don, “If you’re not careful, you might learn something.”