It's a design and letterpress print shop by day -- and a print party by night

MILWAUKEE -- It's a design and letterpress print shop by day -- and a print party by night. We're talking about Bay View Printing Co. Kasey spent the morning at the business tackling some new projects.

About Bay View Printing Co. (website)

Just a quick minute! To think about words like we used to. To remember a time when they meant so very much. Before 140 characters dictated the volume of our thoughts. Before texting and email replaced love letters. Let’s go back to a time when we took great care of our words. When language was an art form.

At Bay View Printing Company, that's what we do every day. We're a community design & letterpress print shop and we treat our clients, customers and members like our friends. Because they are. Simply put, we spend our days crafting your one-of-a-kind impressions on paper and our nights opening up our type drawers and teaching you how to do the same.

About Ashley (website)

Designer, Printer & Boss Lady. She’s also the heart of this operation, pumping blood into the veins of the business. She’s an eternal go-getter, with a knack for accepting challenges with ease. Can you acquire a 100 year old printing shop and all of its contents? Sure! Can you transform that shop into a place where people come together as a community over the beauty and art of letterpress printing? SURE! From the beginning, Ashley’s goal was to take this treasure chest of a business and share it with anyone interested in design and letterpress. After years of designing and teaching, she became the third owner of Bay View Printing Company and created a space where people can come to learn, explore, share and make. Ashley has both the ability to create a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind design, and to also let her clients/customers/members realize their own vision.