'It Can Wait:' AT&T's initiative to address distracted driving

MILWAUKEE -- We are right in the middle of the 100 deadliest days of the year on the road. Those days span from Memorial Day to Labor Day when accidents by teenagers spike by 15 percent.

Nathan Fricke with AT&T shows some new research and details of what AT&T is doing -- and what we all can do -- to address the growing problem of smartphone distracted driving.


    Nearly all of those surveyed consider smartphone distracted driving to be dangerous. And the It Can Wait pledge campaign has inspired nearly 26-million personal commitments through a pledge to never drive distracted.

    This year's new VR experience TOUR includes 200 stops in the U.S. this year ... including Milwaukee coming up on September 18th. This is the 4th year for the VR tour. The experience is a theatrical and dramatic production that places the viewer in an immersive 3D setting, face-to-face with the dangers of distracted driving.

    What can we all do to reduce the impact of the 100 deadliest days ??? Here are 3 things:

    Go to ItCanWait.com and take the pledge to ignore your smartphone and devices while driving. Follow on Twitter @itCanWait @nathanfricke1

    On that website, you can also download our free AT&T Drive Mode® app that can silence incoming text messages when you`re driving and automatically send a customizable auto-reply message has reached more than 20 million downloads.

    Check out the incredible age progression videos on YouTube to see the personal stories of the real impact of this deadly problem, by showing us what victims' lives would be like had they survived the deadly crashes that took their lives. Age Progression Videos on YouTube.