'Ingredients are sourced locally:' Georgie Porgie’s is getting into Bucks playoff fever

OAK CREEK -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Georgie Porgie's where even they are getting into the Bucks playoff fever. Their gyro step burger -- which is named after Giannis' iconic move -- pays homage to the Greek Freak. The gyro step features a beef patty topped with gyro meat, french fries, homemade tzatziki sauce, onion, tomato and ketchup.

About Georgie Porgie’s (website)

From our sirloin burgers served on a wholesome, locally baked bun to our fresh Wisconsin custard, hand-rolled Mozzarella Sticks, premium cut fries and homemade dressings, Georgie Porgie’s strives to provide high quality ingredients in every dish we serve. Many of those ingredients are sourced locally from our home state of Wisconsin!

Back in 1951 a young George Liapis was nicknamed “Georgie Porgie’ by the waitresses he worked with at a diner.  Forty years later, George and his wife Dina built his dream restaurant.   And today, his vision of a clean, fast-casual eatery with high quality food and friendly service is carried out by his sons, Peter & Louie. At Georgie Porgie’s, family extends beyond the Liapis name.  Every employee that works here is treated like an extended part of the family.  That same respect is carried out to our customers as well.  We like to say, come as a customer and leave as family!