How you can pack a lunch your kids will love -- even the picky eater

MILWAUKEE -- Nancy Labreacht from Whole Foods joins FOX6 WakeUp to show us how to be lunchbox heroes.

Lunch 1: Get Creative With The Basics

Club Sandwich Kabob: These are a great way to get creative with the basics. Sticking with your basic sandwich ingredients like turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and whole wheat bread, you simply deconstruct them, make fun shapes, and stack them on a wooden kabob stick. You can even have your kids` favorite dipping sauce on the side!

Lunch 2: Pack Them Snacks

Popcorn Trail Mix: This is a satisfying snack to add to their lunch that`s super easy to make for the week. Using tasty and affordable popcorn adds volume to stretch the roasted nuts and dried fruit that makes for happy snacking.

Lunch 3: Constructible Lunch Plan For The Picky Eater

Constructible Lunch: Here`s an idea to please your picky eater. With this lunch, you let the kids choose a protein, a color, a crunch, and a bonus. For example, we have turkey shaped hearts for the protein, with the orange slices for color, and celery sticks for crunch.