Have you ever heard of LARP? Get a behind the scenes look at the fun hobby

MILWAUKEE -- It's called Live Action Role Playing -- or LARP. Chip spent the morning giving us a look at the fun hobby.

Deeplight Chapter of Grimoire LARP (Facebook page)

The Subterranean City-State of Deeplight is a new LARP realm that utilizes the Grimoire fantasy LARP system. While other LARP venues are traditionally outdoors and feature wilderness adventures, Deeplight's main venue is in the basement of an old Woolworth's Department store in Milwaukee. Our events will feature Dungeon crawls and adventures in the Drow controlled cities of the Underdark. The venue features a town that has apartments, a church, a warehouse, back-alleys, and a third world style marketplace complete with tents, stalls, and hanging curtains of burlap. This town was built for airsoft games, but the owners of the venue are allowing us to paint the plywood so that it has the appearance of stonework. For the sake of immersion and ambiance, the venue will be lit by LED candles during our events. Bring a lantern. They don't call it the Underdark for nothing.